Frequently Asked Questions


 Whom do I call with an After-Hours Water or Sewer Emergency

Call Village of Merrimac Director of Public Works for after-hour Water or Sewer Emergencies: 

Justin Schultz - (608) 697-2862.

If you are unable to reach Mr. Schultz, please call Village Administrator Jennie Klecker (608) 712-4612. 

 How to do contact a board member or Village staff?

Do you have questions or want to make suggestions?  Please contact us! On the main menu, hover your mouse over "Contact."  From the pull-down menu, you can contact our individual board members or village staff.

 Is there a Power Outage?

This link takes you to Alliant Energy's page on which you can find out about outages or report

 Is the Ferry running?

Click here to see current status of the ferry.

 What are Village Hall office hours?

9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

 What is the garbage & recycling pick up schedule?

Pick-up for both are done on Mondays. The Village does ask you separate your recyclables in clear bags from garbage in black bags.  Plastic bags are no longer required for cardboard and newspapers.  Instead, cardboard should be flattened and bundled; newspapers should be bundled.  Until further notice, items such as chairs, mattresses, or couches will not be picked up. If you have a larger item to dispose of, please call Peterson Sanitation at (608) 524-6603 or visit their website .  



 Does the Village Recycle Metals?

Metals can be dropped off behind the Village Hall near the storage building or trailer of metal.  No Plastic or TVs.

 What is the Snow Removal policy?

To aid the Village staff in winter snow removal from our streets, the Village's alternate-side parking policy is as follows:


On odd-numbered days, residents must park on the odd-numbered side of the street.  On even-numbered days, residents must park on the even side of the street.  We thank you for your cooperation throughout the winter season!


Clearing snow from sidewalks and ensuring access to mailboxes is the property owner's responsibility pursuant to Village Ordinance 129-5.  Sidewalks shall be cleared within 24 hours following the end of a snowfall event.  If walks are not cleared within 48 hours, the Village will clear the walks and bill the homeowner for this service.



 What is the Fall Leaf Clean-up Policy?

Residents should either compost their leaves on their own property, or pile them near the curbside on the Village's designated brush pickup days.  Leaf remnants that are not picked up by the village tractor bucket can be placed in clear plastic bags for future pick up.  Village staff compost leaves and lawn clippings at our designated site, co-located where brush and limbs are burned.


Burning leaves is prohibited within the Village.


Because we do not have a street sweeper or a street vacuum, we ask you please do not rake or blow your leaves into the Village's gutters or streets.  Heavy rains then wash this debris into our storm sewers, impeding proper drainage and flow.  Thank you for your cooperation throughout the fall season!

 What if I have a suggestion for your website?

We'd love your input.  You may use the form on the Contact Us page.