History of Merrimac

Merrimac has had several names throughout the years. Merrimac was first called Brown's Cabin, then Matt's Ferry, then Collomar, then Merrimack and finally Merrimac.

A man by the name of Brown erected the first know structure in the area. In 1884, Chester Mattson, the first Postmaster, also had the first ferry, resulting in the name of Matt's Ferry. Thereafter, the name was changed to Collomar, in honor of the Postmaster General. The village was official incorporated December 6, 1899.

As settlers arrived from the east, a woman, Mrs. J.G. Train, thought the village reminded her of the place she had left: Merrimack County, New Hampshire. And Merrimack it was from 1850 to 1950. Over the years, the "k" was dropped and added back numerous times, but it wasn't officially dropped until 1950.

As a growing community, today Merrimac is called home by a mix of both full and part time residents.

In 2003 the Memorial Park Project was completed. New playground equipment, picnic tables, and a pavilion building where among the improvements. The park is available for special occasions, upon reservation.

History of Railroads in Sauk County

Virgil Kasper of the Lake Wisconsin Alliance presentation: History of Railroads in Sauk County, and the Merrimac Railroad Bridge Reconstruction Project