Important Notice About Mistake On Ballot For 11/8/2022 Election

What was the Mistake?

Wisconsin Statutes Sections 5.64(1)(e)1. and 5.64(1)(es) allow independent candidates to include a statement of principle, if any, in five words or less, along with their name on the ballot, provided the statement was present on their nomination papers. Due to an administrative error by state level election officials, county clerks in United States Congressional District 2 did not receive all required information to include on the applicable ballots before having those ballots printed. This mistake was a result of an omission by WEC when entering candidate nomination information into WisVote. County and municipal clerks could not have known there was an error.


Because it is infeasible to print and redistribute ballots in all of CD2, a notice will be sent to voters who have already received their absentee ballot and posted at in-person absentee sites and polling places in Congressional District 2. This is due to the inadequate time and resources, such as ballot paper stock and envelopes, available to reprint more than 600,000 ballots for CD2.  A link to the notice is provided at the bottom of this page.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Village Clerk, Jennie Klecker at (608) 493-2122, or email